Saturday, February 17, 2018

Coffee...Yes Please!

This is the 4th card I designed for one of my classes in April in California.  Sometimes I wonder why I drag my feet kicking and screaming to get things done.  When I finally finished this card I was doing a happy dance because I just love it!!  I am a huge fan of this clear set from Whimsy as well as the paper combos.  It just makes me H-A-P-P-Y!
The layout just fell together after I quit fighting it.  Ever have one of those moments?  It is quite simple to color as there were very minimal colors used to achieve this look.

YR04 YR09
0 C1 C3 C5

Friday, February 16, 2018

{Heart} You

My mind went a little boingy when I started designing this card.  Its one of those...I'm not sure I love it, but I love it cards.  This stamp is from La-la Land Crafts.   For this card I used the new release Heart Hands Molli.  Did you know she is either rubber or digi?  Perfect for everyone.   I added the stripes to Molli's clothing.  I wanted matching paper for the skirt so I used my black Copics to create the stripes.  I love how I can make matching paper.  I do like the mixture of crazy papers.

I wanted to use the Open Hearts Doily die in an unconventional way so I cut off the lower portion of it and started entwining different pieces to make it more dimensional.  I should have added the Nuvo drops before it was on the card so they would be nice and round but alas it was an afterthought.  I did use some of the hearts from the border to add elements.  If you look at all the little pieces that are the leftovers from the Doily die you can see that its great pieces for a shaker card, so save them.

Heart Hand Molly - Digital

E50 E51 E53 Skin E93 cheeks E04 lips
C1 C3 C5 C10 Skirt
100 Background stripe
RV34 RV17 RV19
BG15 BG45
YG01 YG03 YG17
E43 E44 E47
BV20 BV23 E51 Shadows

I hope you enjoyed a little wild and crazy card making today!

Jennifer Dove

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hello Friend

Do you ever feel intimidated by an image?  Some people think images that have a lot of detail are way above their coloring skills.  Well I find that the less detailed images can prove to be harder.  Those wide open spaces where you have to work on a smooth blend are the ones that can get you.  
DoveArt images already have detail in them and for this images, and many like it I literally scribbled in the color and didn't worry about a smooth blend.  Sometimes I think we overthink things!  This stamp is a new release from Whimsy Stamps.  I will be showing how quickly we can color this image in classes in both Phoenix and at Yosemite retreat.  We will get to play a bit with airbrushing the background to match the theme as well.  

For this card I used the new Two Flag die from La-La Land and the Say Cheese frame from Lawn Fawn.  I love the impact of this card, yet allowing for simplicity don't you?

Y15 Y35
YG03 YG63 YG67
B00 BG000
W1 W3 W5

Airbrush machine and B00 YG03

Here is another edition of this stamp for inspiration.  I love the versatility of the different seasons.

Saturday, February 10, 2018


I decided to take a moment for me!  I colored up this sweet new released rubber stamp from La-La Land Crafts.  Her name is Darling Molli.  I combined her with La-La Land Cherry Blossom Border die.  I used the flower die on the edges of the card as a border and then used the tiny centers of the Cherry Blossom die (the scraps that looked like stars) on her dress.   
I did a simple airbrushed background and then stamped over it with a tiny dots rubber stamp that I had laying around.  I enjoyed the little break from reality.  

I have been buried in design mode for weeks.  I don't see the end in sight quite yet either.  Give me two weeks.  I am designing 4 cards for my local 48 people for February, and designing 4 cards for 48 people in March.  Then in April we head to Yosemite for a huge retreat and some classes.  I am designing 4 cards for 100 people and another two classes of 4 cards each with 25 - 48 people.  Okay math time...that is 300 people total at 4 cards each...that is 1200 cards to be prepped.  Thank goodness I have a little help from my friends when it comes to prep!  I just need to get past the design stage.  There is always tomorrow.

YG01 YG03 YG17
E50 E51 E53 E93
BV20 BV23
N7 N8 N10

Friday, February 9, 2018

Happiness Is...

Happiness is a cup of coffee with a friend (especially if that coffee is flavored with Baileys).  I have a sweet spot for this adorable little House Mouse® by Stampendous.  Add this perfect sentiment and its complete.  

For this card I had some white smooth buttons that I colored with the Copic markers to match and then gave them a little spritz to add the textured appearance.  A quick and easy way to compliment the card colors.  I finished the buttons of with some green Pebbles to cover up the button holes.

We will be coloring this image in the "Back to Basics" card class in Oakhurst, California (Sponsored by The Cat's Meow stamps and paper crafting store).   You can find all the info as it unfolds under Class Schedule tab above.  

E50 E51 E93
B24 B28
BG15 BG49
C1 C3 C5

Contact your local store to get these stamps in for you!!!

Warm Cup
Shared Coffee